Royal Farm Animal Sounds by Royal Apps

Farm Animal Sounds


Explore a fantastic collection of farm animals. Each animal introduces itself using its picture and sound. The application provide two types of quizzes. First, match an animal picture to its name. Second, match the animal name to its picture. The purpose is to remember the wonderful collection. The application is a great tool for toddlers and teen agers to discover a wide variety of farm animals.

32 farm animal pictures
Real animal sounds
Animal name and picture quiz
4-inch devices and up

Alpaca, Bee, Buffalo, Bull, Camel, Cat, Chicken, Chicks, Cow, Dog, Donkey, Dove, Duck, Ferret, Frog, Geese, Goat, Goldfish, Horse, Lama, Lamb, Mosquito, Mouse, Pig, Pigeon, Pony, Rabbit, Rat, Rooster, Sheep, Turkey, Yak

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